Two Rooms With a View

This room was so open and had so much natural light that adding color to all the walls was a great way to pull it all together. The customer even opted to have an accent wall in a darker blue to accentuate the sky blue they had chosen for the walls. They chose Benjamin Moore colors 450-3 Heavenly Blue (the lighter blue) and 450-7 Star Spangled (the darker color) to add to this rooms appeal.  They have a great view of the outdoors and wanted to bring that view in.  It took 3 coats of the lighter blue & 5 of the dark.  We knew the dark would require more, but were surprised by the lighter blue, but sometimes that happens especially when painting over flat white paint. The walls act as if they have been out in the desert and they suck up the paint, quenching their thirst!  The end result was very calming.  The way a sanquary should be.  What a wonderful place to retreat to after a long day!

The green room was the same scenario, just a bit smaller. Both rooms had adjoining bathrooms and were painted to coordinate with each room.  Again, Benjamin Moore Paints were used; 404-4 Catnip (lighter green) and 404-7 Billiard Green (darker color).  There were a lot of trees outside of this room, and the color worked wonderfully to pull in that aspect. 

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