Pizza Pie!

Bob and Anita just purchased a condo in a renovated warehouse downtown. We were so excited to see it because we had often wondered what they looked like when we drove past them on the highway.  The factory use to produce parts for cars, it fell into disarray back in the 50's and was total abandoned after that for a couple centuries. 
 Recently a developer had come in and redid the many buildings into Franklin Square, turning them into wonderful offices and living spaces.  A lot of the original brick was left, inside and out. Which is beautiful but left us with an interesting problem in Bob and Anita's place.

They wanted to go bold! They wanted an accent wall with complimentary colors! Which is fantastic because we love color, the problem was the carpets, which they weren't ready to rip up yet, were mauve. The brick was exposed on one huge wall, with windows trimmed out in hunter green trim.  They were also redoing the trim, from vinyl white to a warm wood, so we had a lot of elements to work with in choosing a color!

Plus, they had wonderfully eclectic furniture pieces that had to work with the walls.  They were so open to our advice, and really were willing to work with the choices we suggested it was a great experience.  After much deliberation and color swatches all over the room we finally settled on a 3 color, color scheme, Pizza Pie for the accent walls, Mesa Pink for the inner walls, and Cameo Peach for the center beam, soffits & small bathroom off the kitchen.  Then the one wall in the hallway, that you can see from the living room was painted in Pizza Pie as well , just for a little drama!

Bob wasn't sure he would be happy with all the pink tones, but being the good husband said,  "If she's happy, I'm happy!"  The good news is Bob was extremely happy with the end result.  So happy in fact they decided to get the whole upstairs done in some bold fabulous colors as well, but that for our next entry!
Cutting in with two very distinct colors can be a challenge.  It takes a very steady hand.  Most contractors use tape but we pride ourselves on the fact that we don't.  Using a 1" brush, and in some instances a "paint by numbers" brush we get a clean crisp cut in. I'm not saying that we don't use tape sometimes, for example if we're making stripes, or there isn't a clear cut in the architecture, but for the most part it's talent.  Getting a sharp line, whether cutting into trim, ceiling, or corner, is what separates the true painters from the rest.

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