This Is Why I Love My Job

Most of the time we are doing inside work.  Which, I'm not complaining, because outdoor work can be brutal sometimes, and lets face it, being in an air conditioned house is so much better on a hot summer day! But last week we had the opportunity to work out at a customers camp.  Light breeze, cat fish jumping out of the water, the sun, it was fantastic.
We had to paint her shed, her deck, and clean up the mess left by another painter last year around her awning & trim.  She was insistent in hiring women.  She actually had found us outside the post office, and asked for our card! Glad those "car" signs have paid off!

It was tricky painting the outside of the dock.  We actually had to go out on an inflatable raft to paint it! That was actually a first! LOL! But it was very cool, how it worked out. My only concern was the fact that, A. there were snakes in the water, and B. it was hard holding the can of paint on the inflatable raft! But they don't call Maggie, McGyver for nothing!

The customer was so happy, she asked us back to do the inside! Perhaps this time we'll bring a fishing pole! LOL!

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