Peace, Love and Anna

Anna wanted her room to be funky but was done with the hot pink. Like most young girls her age she was really into peace signs and as a matter of fact, she wanted them all over her walls! Then she wanted her name on one wall, PEACE on the other and LOVE on the other. So her wish was our command.

We base coated the room in a light blue (mom and her picked out the color) Then traced (using peace signs made from manila folders) onto the walls. I used 2 sizes, a larger one and smaller one then staggered them on the wall for visual interest. Then I used a projector to project the words onto the wall.  We painted the peace signs in with green, purple, pink & white, while the words were done in black.

Anna loved her new room! And we loved creating it for her!

Colorfully Yours,

Maggie & Mary

A Yankee Room

We were contracted to paint this room for two really cute little guys who wanted a "Yankee game room!" with lots of stripes. Well, as die hard Yankee's fans we were determined to make a Yankee's room these two little guys would love to sleep in!
As always when working with navy blue and darker based colors you need many coats of paint to achieve the actual color that you're looking for. Using a primer tinted to the color helps tremendously. We also used tape to give us an even boarder all the way around the room. We measured from the base board, marked with a pencil, then taped it off. Easy.

Once the bottom half is painted it's time to lay down the stripes and the NY Yankee symbol on the wall.  We used a projector to project the NY on the wall. Then proceeded to draw on the stripes around it. Again, we just used a large ruler for the "stencil" for the stripe, marked the pencil lines, then taped it off. You really need someone with eagle eyes to stand across the room to make sure the tape is straight. Side note: Never rely on construction for a straight line (ex: door frame, window frame ect...) because these are never really straight. Always go with your "eye" because that' s what you (and everyone else) will notice.

Then it came time to fill in the stripes with the navy blue. We did decide to put a small circle of red around the NY to set it apart from the blue stripes.

It was such a fun project and the little guys were so excited with their Yankee stripes! There were lots of smiles all the way around!

Colorfully Yours,

Maggie & Mary