Kids Rooms Rock!

It’s always thrilling to be part of a home make-over, especially when it’s a couple’s first home. The joy of picking out colors and decorating is heightened and it brings extra pleasure to our job. Over the next week or so, we are going to be taking a walk through “Jamie’s” home (we painted the whole inside). Today, we are going to show you before and after pics of the daughter’s bedroom and bathroom makeover.
Jamie was a very enthusiastic homeowner and new exactly what she wanted. She had a particular vision for her entire home and had it all mapped out for us. She had shopped around for the exact colors and home décor to create the precise style she wanted to convey. Although, I love helping a customer with color choices, I get equally as excited when they know exactly what they want.

This was not more self evident then when it came to her daughter’s room. Her face beamed as she told us all about her color choices and themes for the bedroom and the daughter’s adjoining bathroom. She wanted it bright, fun and whimsical. She chose a bright apple for the bedroom. I’m not sure if her husband was crazy about the green at first, but after she moved in all the furniture and pulled in the pick accessories, I think his opinion may have altered a little. Her daughter…LOVED IT!

Next up, her daughter's bathroom.  Jamie chose a deep, yet bright, aqua color for the walls. She had made a great choice by picking the shower curtain first, then pulling a color from it.  Most places can color match a item that you bring in, but if not, do it the old fashioned way, pick up a bunch of colors and try to match it to the item (shower curtain, pillow, bed cover, etc...) that is going to be your main focal point. The end result is fabulous!!! What child wouldn't love spending bath time in this great room!

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  1. Love it! What girl wouldn't have wanted that room growing up? Wait, is it wrong that I would still love that room at 40-something?


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