Overhaulin' in Tully

Whenever we go on a wallpaper removal job, people often ask us, "Do you really like taking wallpaper down?" To which we simply reply, "Yep!" It’s crazy, I know, but we really do. I think because it’s a challenge, that and we are always curious about what lies behind it.
We have found covered doorways, which once led to other rooms, we have found windows (or the box of one) that have long since been spackled and sheet rocked over.
Some paper comes down like butter, some we pick at for hours only to remove one tiny piece, so removing wallpaper presents us with a new challenge every time. It isn't as predictable as painting and you can’t mess it up. To make us seem even crazier...Maggie, actually likes prep work! I mean who likes prep work? "Maggie!" She takes great pride in spackling, sanding and finishing off a wall, so that when the paint goes back on, it looks like new.

Maggie must have been in heaven then on our job in Tully. Not only did we have to do A LOT of wallpaper removing, she had to do A LOT of prep! Each room was covered in (some rooms many) layers of vintage paper. Although wallpaper was all the rage back in the day, more often than not people put up wallpaper to cover unsightly walls. That said there usually is a lot of prep work lying underneath the paper. On this job, that reasoning applied. Armed with her trusty putty knife and bucket of spackle, like Michelangelo, she carefully slathers the wall. Personally, I hate the feeling of sandpaper and sheet rock, it freaks me out, but not Maggie, she'll sand for however long it takes to get that patch looking like the actual wall.

This project was so big...I will have to do it in two separate while your anxiously waiting for the sequel check out the work we did in the two bedrooms, office and downstairs hallway!

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