Peace, Love and Anna

Anna wanted her room to be funky but was done with the hot pink. Like most young girls her age she was really into peace signs and as a matter of fact, she wanted them all over her walls! Then she wanted her name on one wall, PEACE on the other and LOVE on the other. So her wish was our command.

We base coated the room in a light blue (mom and her picked out the color) Then traced (using peace signs made from manila folders) onto the walls. I used 2 sizes, a larger one and smaller one then staggered them on the wall for visual interest. Then I used a projector to project the words onto the wall.  We painted the peace signs in with green, purple, pink & white, while the words were done in black.

Anna loved her new room! And we loved creating it for her!

Colorfully Yours,

Maggie & Mary

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