Moroccan Stenciled Steps

These were the stairs before we started
As you can see we painted 2 sets blue, 2 sets white and so on....

The customer had ordered 4 Moroccan styled stencils that we would do in alternating colors.

The first day we just did the blue steps. It took us awhile to get a groove going.

We realized quickly that we needed to cut the stencils down so they fit the steps. This cut down on our painting time (and fussing with the stencil time).

Two of the stencils had very thin lines so, when we were finished stenciling we had to go back with a fine paintbrush and touch up where the paint bled underneath the stencil.

The finished piece was beautiful! We were just as excited as she was! I might even do this in my own home I liked the finished product so much.

I must admit, our backs are killing us (sitting on a small step, twisted around isn't comfortable)! Maggie's shoulder had the funkiest spasm going on all day and my carpal tunnel is flaring up, but it was so worth it!


  1. absolutely wonderful!

  2. This is what I want to do to my stairs...where do I begin? Where do I get these stencils???


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