Doing a Faux finish is always fun. No two are ever alike, which makes it fun, but boy can they be draining, especially when they are on the ceiling.

This ceiling was rather large so it took two days to complete. It had many nooks and crannies. Bending backwards really did a number on my back, but the good thing was it was low enough that I didn’t have to use a ladder.

The ceiling already had a base coat of Ralph Lauren River Rock paint (Garden Wall RL RR51), which was pretty fresh, so the customer decided to just do the suede treatment right over that. So, we took Ralph Lauren Suede paint (Plaza Blanca SU51) and brushed it on with a 6” brush.

We worked in small sections, blending our large “X” marks as we went. We were careful not to completely cover the entire base coat though, because leaving small areas of the under coat (tan) exposed, creates the crushed suede look.

The ceiling treatment complimented the suede treatment that was already on the walls; Ralph Lauren (Yellowstone SU84 & Ranch SU85).

For more fabulous colors and ideas visit the Ralph Lauren website:


  1. Is there anything you two cannot do? What a great transformation!

  2. I'm going to check out that website right now but first wanted to tell you how great this project looks. Also appreciated the clear sealer tip over wallpaper residue in the next post. Thanks.


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