Time Marches On

Finally, we are done with the Octagon House in Camillus.  It was labor intensive, complicated work, yet it was a huge learning experience for us, which is always a positive thing.  We learned the "Do's & Don'ts" of wallpapering with scanned, historically replicated paper, we created our own wheat paste, and we discovered just how flexible Maggie is! But after 2 1/2 long months we are at the end of this journey here in Camillus.
 The YellowBook came out this week (look for our ad in the center of the phone book, its a whole new design) and we have been getting constant calls, lots of estimates to go on, and new people to meet! So, we bid farewell to the Octagon house, and move onto our next job; Murals (Thomas The Tank Engine & Gerber Daisy's) Can't wait to post pictures of that!  This is why we love this job it's always a new and interesting project!

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