The Octagon House: A Historical Restoration

The Octagon House in Camillus, NY, is one of the few actual Octagon Houses left in upstate New York & Pennsylvania. We have been lucky enough to have been hired to do the historical restorations in the house. Although, Maggie has been wallpapering for years, this is an entirely different project altogether. The board of trustees has ordered historically replicated wallpaper, that is cohesive with the time period of the house. Actual period wallpaper, has been scanned onto archived paper, creating unique and interesting challenges, but Maggie never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge, perseverance and just plane stubbornness (in other words, she’s Irish). With oil primer in hand, she and her crew dove right into the project, not batting an eye at its complexity or enormity. I took a couple of pictures before we started just to give you an idea as to what we were up against. In the coming weeks I’ll post more of our progress.

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